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Mliswa Accuses Minister Ziyambi Of Trying To Kill Him Through Domboshawa Prophet {Audio}

Mliswa Accuses Minister Ziyambi Of Trying To Kill Him Through Domboshawa Prophet {Audio}
Mliswa Accuses Minister Ziyambi Of Trying To Kill Him Through Domboshawa Prophet {Audio}

INDEPENDENT Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has accused Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi of consulting a Domboshawa prophet to have him and his sister killed.

The stunning revelations were made by Mliswa on his Twitter handle exposing how the same prophet is using a governmnet issued vehicle against policy.

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Miswa says Ziyambi is angry after he was told to resign from government following his response to CJ Malaba’s case.

Good morning Ziyambi Ziyambi!
This is a Govt car being driven by a prophet by the name of Khosi. He’s the same prophet who was lingering outside Saturday’s PEC meeting where ZZ arrived with a convoy of Govt vehicles meant only to be driven by Govt employees.

Can Govt and/or CIO verify if all the cars were being driven by Govt employees and whether this prophet is an authorised driver of a Govt vehicle? The ZANUPF shenanigans come secondary to the apparent abuse of Govt assets. I therefore appeal for elucidation and a response

Touch not the anointed! ZZ I’ve also information on the Murehwa visits you make too. So has this been your power base all along? I wonder if the CIO has been informing His Excellency of your secretive jaunts? Well, I now know and will be revealing all.

Govt resources cannot be exploited with impunity for selfish interest and in doing so, answers must be given by the relevant authorities so that we understand Govt policy regarding the use of Govt resources.

Mliswa also posted a screenshot showing a conversation he had with a source claiming all these allegations against the Minister.

He says Ziyambi is not being sacked from government because he uses juju to maintain hold on power.

He also insinuates that ZANU PF is interested in him because he is former MDC member.

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In an audio clip, Mliswa asks Minister Ziyambi about his plans to have him killed.

Government critic, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has commented on the matter castigating “backward” belief by government officials in the supernatural.

This message by Member of Parliament @TembaMliswa to Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, exposes the backwardness of politicians who believe in supernatural powers.

Government is run using superstitious beliefs which guide political elites.

Audio message was released to media.

Speaking in the House of Assembly last Tuesday, outspoken Mliswa urged Ziyambi to resign immediately over the threats he made. He accused the minister of creating a constitutional crisis.

“Mine is on national interest importance. We saw a statement by the Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Hon. Ziyambi Ziyambi on the judges. My understanding is that in the doctrine of separation of powers which we must all understand, the Judiciary is independent, so is the Executive and Parliament,” he said.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba

“Each one of us has a role to play. What I understand and what I think the minister (Ziyambi) should do is to come with a ministerial statement to explain why when a matter is sub-judice, he decided to comment on it. Now that the matter has been appealed, already the judges that are handling this matter are already compromised.

“They are under threat. It has never happened where a Minister of Justice who is the father of justice issues a statement like that and goes political in saying that some judges belong to the opposition. We never knew anything that any judge belongs to the opposition as much as we believe that his discharge of duty as a minister is for the interest of the people of Zimbabwe.

“It is important that the minister comes and issues a ministerial statement because there is now a constitutional crisis in the country pertaining to that and it is important that, that statement will be able to get us to understand. Other than that, he must resign but he must be given a chance because his credibility and that of the justice delivery system of Zimbabwe which must exercise judicial prudence has been failed by one person. I think it is important that he does right for the country, puts the country first, and hence his resignation.