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Bust Side Chick Jumps Through Window To Escape Angry Wife {Watch}

Side Chick jumps through the window

There was drama after a side chick was forced to jump through the window and run for her dear life after the wife of the man she was bedding came knocking at the door.

The scenes in the short video show the young lady peeping through the window to ascertain whether or not it was safe for her to jump through and escape.

She is later seen moving one leg through the window and then following with the other.

The lady finally manages to get through the window and lands on the ground.

While we cannot verify the alleged affair, reports say the lady, who appears to be in her mid-20s, was having a good time with someone’s husband only for the man’s wife to come knocking at the door.

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Obviously suspecting all hell would break loose when she is caught, the lady took the bold step and jumped through the window.

Watch the video below :

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