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Jay Israel In Trouble For Naming TB Joshua “The Biggest Charlatan To Ever Walk On Earth”

TB Joshua at the prayer mountain

Self-proclaimed controversial prophet Jay Israel has courted criticism after denigrating late TB Joshua saying the man of God should have healed himself with his anointing water while he was allegedly sick for 2 years.

Claims of TB Joshua’s ‘terminal illness’ were made by South Africa-based Bible scholar Howard Nyoni and Jay Israel has taken up the same allegations.

Jay Israel

Jay Israel

Posting on Instagram, Israel said TB Joshua was a fake prophet. A claim he has made against other prophets as Emmanuel Makandiwa and Alph Lukau.

I remember last year we did an expose on this man , talking about his deceptions , lies and manipulations . Many people have flocked into Nigeria to buy anointed water , stickers and oils that he claimed can heal any sickness .
Here is a very interesting analogy . For the past 2 years TB Joshua was on medication 💊, popping pills because he had a chronic illness . None of this was made public because it would demoralise the water and oil customers and shut down the business .
If this man was a true man of God why didn’t he use his anointed water , oil and stickers to heal himself ? The problem with our naive and senseless African brothers and sisters is that nommatter the signs they will forever be blinded by religion .
Before he died he was a false prophet , a thief , liar and a charlatan and now that he’s gone nothing changes , he remains the biggest Charlatan to ever walk on earth . Whether he makes heaven or hell , that is between him and God .
May his soul rest in peace !!

This, however, did not sit well with Prophet TB Joshua’s followers and sympathizers saying Jay Israel is a charlatan himself whose ministry has failed.

Mbg Mbugua Victor said: I wish you’d be this persistent in working on yourself and not fooling people.
Stones have cried out against you, your viewership, likes and social media engagement gone to an all time low, you’ve become a butt of all jokes in these streets and yet you still continue with your ministry of lies?
This is not persecution bro. God doesn’t back what He’s not sanctioned.

MinisterRichard Matthew said;
READY for what ?!!!!
Even if you go back to the DEVIL to collect all the POWER the DEVIL has no one will attend your SERVICE because right now you’re more concerned with the CROWD than with your SALVATION and you can anything to Keep your CROWD …….

Others say the message of hatred has driven them out of the church since no love is preached.

Buhle Bubu Mapa
No wonder I don’t go to church you just bashed a man who has passed on(many loved his teachings). Kutsho liku same whatsApp group.. Because ukwazi njani… inhliziyo ayiphakelwa.. Whoever we choose to love and follow when it comes to the word of God siyekele… It’s not like you will also tell us if you are sick yourself and popping tablets..

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In Other News:

Evelyn, wife of the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet Temitope Joshua, aka TB Joshua, on Wednesday, said the death of her husband was an act of God.

She spoke when a delegate from the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, led by the Commissioner for Home Affairs, Prince Anofiu Elegushi, paid her a condolence visit in the Ikotun area of Lagos.

TB Joshua died in Lagos on Saturday at the age of 57.

His widow, while speaking to officials of the state government, said the death did not come to her as a surprise.

She said, “What happened was an act of God. There is time for everything, like my husband would say. That was the word I knew from him very well. This is the job he was known for. This is what he was living for. That is what he was going to die for. So, it didn’t come to me as a surprise. I wasn’t surprised when it happened. As we all know, he was in service that day. So, that’s it.”

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Joshua’s wife appealed to Sanwo-Olu to participate actively in her husband’s burial, which she said would be made public very soon. Read More>>>


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