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X-Ray Machine Stolen From Hospital

Assistant Inspector Paul Nyathi

Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the theft of an X-ray machine at Mvurwi Hospital.

The theft has riled residents in the farming town.

Mazowe North Member of Parliament Cde Campion Mugweni recently had an interface with the Mvurwi community where residents appealed for immediate intervention.

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One of the residents said they told police about one of the suspects, but he had not been arrested.

“Such an important machine cannot just disappear from a hospital just like that,” he said.

“We even informed the police of the suspect, but he is walking scot-free. We want a progress report on the investigations. It is close to a year now since it was stolen and nothing is happening.

“I am not saying police are doing nothing, but we feel they are not doing enough. The culprit should be brought to book. Mvurwi services a large population and we cannot do without an X-ray machine. On behalf of the other residents, I am appealing to you Cde Mugweni to intervene in this case. We urgently need this machine.”

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National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told state media that the police were investigating the case.

“The case is under investigation,” he said. “A suspect was picked up for questioning and we need more credible information.”

Cde Mugweni said while police were investigating the case, a committee would be set up urgently to engage the local business community to pool resources to procure a new machine.”


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