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Fishermen Catch Real Black Mermaid {Watch}

Real Black Mermaid

Some Indonesian Fishermen have caught a real black mermaid while fishing.
In the video shared online, the mermaid was seen tired and exhausted as it was still wrapped in the big fishing net.

Fishermen can be seen trying to free the creature as it makes some strange noises.

Recall that some researchers have been trying to lay their hands on a mermaid to know if they are true or just some superstitions.

Watch the video below;

IN OTHER NEWS: Update On Woman Who Spent 40 Years Living Underwater With Njuzu (Mermaids)

The family of Rowai Chihwakwa, of Matande village under Chief Negari, who disappeared in 1982 as an eight-year-old girl to live with mermaids/ Njuzu for 40 years, have dispelled rumours about the woman disappearing or acting strangely.

Rowai only reappeared in November last year following a series of rituals spanning two weeks at the site of her disappearance.

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In a series of interviews with Drewmas Media, several community members and relatives at large who are conversant with the matter set the record straight on what really happens to the woman who has since moved to Zaka where she is living with traditional healers who helped her back into the world.

“Rowai eats normally like everybody else including sadza and chicken but she doesn’t eat animals with four feet,” one of her relatives said.

Another relative was more evasive when asked questions as he felt disclosing too much information could lead to interrupting the traditional rituals being performed on her to complete the rehabilitation process. READ MORE>>>