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Let’s invest more in research: Gen Sibanda Speak Out

Zimbabwe needs to do more scientific and technical research as this is vital for national growth and the nation cannot rely on importing skills, Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Philip Valerio Sibanda said recently.

Officiating during the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between the ZDF and Scientific Industrial Research and Development Council (SIDRC), Gen Sibanda said investing in research and development was key for African nations in eradicating the dependency syndrome.

Under the agreement, the two organisations are set to cooperate in various areas of scientific research and development.

“Research is crucial for sustainable development of any nation or organisation,” said Gen Sibanda.

“Countries and organisations which neglect research today do so at a big cost to the welfare of the future. This is because they remain reliant on other countries and organisations without the intellectual development of their own human capital and products base.

“The ZDF and SIRDC have just made a strong statement through this MoU to the effect that we want to reduce our continued dependency on other organisations and countries.”

Gen Sibanda said failing to sponsor research and development programmes, had seen countries and organisations export jobs and development opportunities to those supporting research and development programmes to the detriment of their economies and citizens.

Research and development were key to the attainment of Vision 2030, and the ZDF will contribute through strategic innovative research, he said.

“While Vision 2030 seeks a middle-income economy for Zimbabweans, the ZDF sees strategic and innovative research as a key component to the achievement of these objectives,” said Gen Sibanda.

“We as the ZDF, should be able to play our part in the achievement of this vision through such collaboration as this one with SIRDC.”

SIRDC chief executive Professor Robson Mafoti said the agreement formalises and consolidates the various working relationships his organisation has had with the ZDF.

“The scope of the MoU entails comprehensive partnerships for strategic engagements between our two organisations,” he said.

“Under the provisions, the parties will cooperate and collaborate by conducting joint research and development in the area of science and technology to achieve and fulfil agreed goals and objectives as spelt out in the agreement.”

Prof Mafoti said the agreement was also an opportunity for ZDF and SIRDC to pool resources and engage in strategic research for the development that solves problems Zimbabwe is facing.

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“Our joint research will be focused on resolving the challenges facing our nation and also contributing to the national blueprint, the National Development Strategy 1, leading to the realisation of Vision 2030,” he said.— Herald

IN OTHER NEWS:15 wives businessman in juju fight with son

A prominent Kwekwe businessman with 15 wives and 69 children is entangled in an ugly fight with one of his sons following chilling suspicions that he was allegedly using juju to catapult himself to a prosperous life and that he also wanted to kill his father as punishment for “ill-treating” his mother.

The super dad Peter Gore (69) is at loggerheads with his son Tyson Gore whom he claimed was in possession of a gun which he is threatening to use to shoot him or send people to kill him within seven days.

So nasty is the fight that the Kwekwe property mogul popularly known as PG has since approached a court to have his son banned from coming to his house.

In his application for an interim protection order Peter said he was now living in perpetual fear of his son.

“Tyson Gore is my son. This is an urgent application for a protection order. The respondent is my son and he is threatening to kill me. He has physically told me that he wants to kill me or to send people to come and kill me. He accuses me of insulting his mother.

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“The respondent has a gun and he thus threatened to shoot me. I have reported him to the police under CR03-04-2021 and also CR22-05-21. The application is urgent in that on the 30th of May 2021, the respondent phoned me and informed me that within seven days he would have killed me or sent people to kill me,” reads part of Peter’s affidavit.

Peter said he was now living in fear that his son may live true to his chilling threats of trying to kill him.

“I have therefore approached this honourable court on an urgent basis so that the respondent is interdicted from his illegal actions and be ordered to maintain peace towards me. He thus has to be interdicted from being violent towards me.

“I am also seeking an order that he be interdicted from coming to house number 550/4 Mbizo Kwekwe being my place of residence where he regularly comes to see his mother. This is so particularly in that he may attack me when he visits. I also seek an order that he be interdicted from coming to PG Complex, Kwekwe for the purpose of disturbing my peace,” begged Peter.

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