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Watch: Beverly “Bev” Sibanda Crying Over Cheating Hubby

Bev Sibanda, Doctor Chambuka Mufudzi on honeymoon
Bev Sibanda, Doctor Chambuka Mufudzi on honeymoon

It seems that all is not well in Beverly “Bev” Sibanda’s marriage to United Kingdom-based Chambuka Mufudzi. The Queen of dance and leader of the S_exy Angels dance troupe blew a gasket on Sunday and exposed her cheating husband’s shenanigans. Bev even shared damning evidence of Mufudzi’s cheating on social media.

From the video seen by Harare Live, Bev reveals that her husband is actually a serial cheater and has been cheating with a number of women in the UK. She even reveals the name of one of the popular ladies.

Bev comes out in the open and tells Mai Titi that her husband lied to other women that they divorced and also that she forced him into the marriage using juju.

The heartbroken dancer has vowed to destroy Mai Pondo’s marriage as she has done hers.

Watch the video below;

In Other News: Man Kills Father, Throws Body In Fire

A LAZY Inyathi man fatally axed his elderly father in a dispute over food and threw his body into a fire in a kitchen hut resulting in the deceased’s head getting roasted.

Raighton Nkomo (29) of Stand 6 Village 1 in Kennilworth in Inyathi pulled his dead father’s body and put the head into a fire in an effort to conceal the crime. He was 27 when he killed his father Bernard Nkomo (61) in 2019.

After killing his father, Nkomo left the kitchen hut and went to sleep in another hut leaving his father’s lifeless body with its head in the fire.

His younger brother Fyton Nkomo who was 17 then, arrived home later at night and slept in the kitchen in darkness and only discovered the body the following morning and alerted neighbours.

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Nkomo, who is represented by Miss Charity Manyeza of Mashindi and Associates, pleaded not guilty to murder and guilty to a lesser charge of culpable homicide when he appeared before Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Evangelista Kabasa who is on circuit in Hwange