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Married Man Kills Self After Being Dumped By Married Lover {Watch}

The Deceased's wife
The Deceased's wife

Shock in Zimunya village in Manicaland when a married man killed himself after being dumped by a married woman he was having an affair with, Harare Live has learnt.

Elijah Ngwarati (55) hanged himself on a tree when he was dumped by his lover who is also married to a businessman.

According to sources who spoke to Karanganda Tv, Ngwarati was in love with 50-year-old mai Mbizi.

The two used to meet in a bush where he also killed himself.

Allegatons are that the woman decided to end the affair but the man could not take the rejection, this prompted the woman to approach his husband and told him the truth.

The husband approached the deceased enquiring about the affair which again, led to him committing suicide.

Witnesses say the man left his phone with his lover and proceeded to their meeting place where the woman found him dead.

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After discovering the body, the woman is alleged to have proceeded to “30 Miles” main road where she intended to throw herself in a moving vehicle.

“Luckily, no car passed through the road for about 30 minutes to one hour”, a witness says.

“What will my husband say if they discover about this affair?”, the woman told a witness while trying to commit suicide.

The deceased’s wife claims she once heard rumours about the two’s affair but dismissed it.

“Mai Mbizi (the lover) once came to me and told me that people were sreading rumours and I did not respond her”, she said.

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