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Man threatens to kill ex-lover

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A HEARTBROKEN man allegedly turned nasty on his ex-partner, and threatened to kill her and her family, a court heard.

Nomazulu Khumalo from Gadadi Village in Ntabazinduna, Matabeleland North province, claimed her ex-lover, Mike Moyo’s threats were causing sleepless nights for her and her family.

Khumalo, who was seeking a protection order against her ex-lover at the Bulawayo Civil Court said she was now living in extreme fear for her safety because Moyo had been continuously threatening her and her family since April this year.

“Mike Moyo is my ex-boyfriend. He comes to my home almost every day to verbally and physically abuse and threaten me. I am no longer living in peace as he threatens to kill me saying I’m a prostitute. He once came to my house armed with an axe and knife and beat me up.


“He is also stalking me and whenever he sees me, he beats me up and sometimes he ambushes me on the road. I am now living in fear that he will kill me and I’m kindly asking the court to protect me by granting a protection order against him,” begged Khumalo.

She said so daring was her ex-lover that he comes to her place to destroy her property.

Moyo didn’t refute his ex-girlfriend’s accusations leading Bulawayo magistrate Marygold Ndlovu to grant an order in Khumalo’s favour.

The magistrate ordered Moyo not to threaten, verbally and physically abuse his ex-lover and not to go to her house.-Bmetro


A WOMAN from Njube suburb in Bulawayo allegedly sta_bbed her live-in boyfriend to death with a kitchen knife because she wanted to reconcile with a man she was once married to.
Ntombikayise Ndlovu (45) allegedly killed Nicholas Mavura who was her childhood friend, last Saturday. The couple had been co-habiting for about 4 years.

She allegedly made a false report to the police that Mavura had arrived home bleeding profusely after being stabbed by unknown assailants.

Chronicle carried the story on Tuesday and police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding Mavura’s death. It turns out that police were already suspecting Ndlovu at the time the story was published.

Ndlovu was arrested on Sunday after investigators found holes in her story.

“There were too many inconsistencies. At first, we put it down to shock as her husband had apparently died in her arms after being set upon by unknown thugs. However, some inconsistencies appeared deliberate,” said a police source.

Ndlovu is said to have sta_bbed Mavura after a heated misunderstanding, allegedly over her desire to rekindle her romance with her ex-husband, at Mavura’s family home in Njube.

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There were witnesses who heard the two fighting before Mr Mavura died. Ndlovu is said to have led the police to the recovery of the kitchen knife she allegedly used to kill him.

Yesterday, she appeared briefly before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Marygold Ndlovu who remanded her in custody.

Appearing for the State, Miss Ashley Dube said Ndlovu killed her boyfriend in a heated dispute over breaking their relationship so she can go back to her “real husband”.


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