PICS: Kayise Ngqula reflects on her tragic car accident

Kayise Ngqula has taken to her social media to reflect on her car accident two years ago. This incident made her lost her husband as she shared how painful it is to lose someone that special to her.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared pictures of what the car they drove look like as she stated that she never knew she would make it home in one piece. Kayise stated that experience changed a lot of things about her and she never knew she could survive.

The media personality said it was like a miracle to be alive today.

“As you get ready to lay your head to sleep tonight, I want to remind you that you may have been “robbed, but you’re still rich”. Pictured here looking as beautiful as I did, I didn’t know that I would not make it home in one piece that night. Ever had something so bad happen to you that changed your life forever? You survived but you knew you would never be the same?”

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