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“Mermaids Snatch 3 People During Prayer Session”

mermaid Rowai Chihwakwa

Two bodies of three people who disappeared into a small pool along Musogwezi River in Mapanzure in Masvingo Rural during prayers on Friday have been found today.
The bodies were found while a Mirror crew was there covering the scene. The first body was recovered at 9 am while the second was seen at 3 pm.

The third body is not yet found.

The three people went missing after they plunged into a ‘tiny’ pool whose depth is about a metre during exorcism conducted by Pastor Amos Chituri of the Agness Access Apostolic Church. Sources said people at the prayers started talking in tongues and the three dived into the water and disappeared since Friday.

Police were yet to recover the bodies from the water by late this afternoon because of transport issues. Masvingo Mirror

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