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Paul Matavire’s Mother Gets Financial Assistance See Pics

Political Views, a social group consisting of political players and supporters from different political parties across Zimbabwe has donated US$115, a two-in-one blanket and RTGS$15,272 to the late music legend Paul Matavire’s mother.
Gogo Matavire, birth name Makanani Mafirechuma (89) is the musical legend Paul Matavire’s mother. She stays in Rutenga, Chinyu Village under chief Maranda with her six grandchildren whom she solely looks after by herself.
She had nine children but two died, Paul and Rupeko Matavire who then left their children in her custody. Her seven other children, some are in South Africa and some are married here in Zimbabwe. They are facing their own difficulties with their families and cannot take care of her
Solay Sibanda, a member of the Political Views group said that they were saddened when they realised how the legend’s mother was struggling and they felt the need to help.



“We discussed her situation and decided that it was time we give out a hand. Her son’s music brought joy to so many so it is only fair to assist her as a way of remembering the legend,” said Sibanda.
Gogo Matavire said she has been fending for her nephews by herself. All of them are still at school and she pays for their school fees alone.
“I am old now; I can’t work anymore so I am thankful for the money I have received. I will put it aside for their fees when schools open,” said Gogo Matavire.
Two months ago when lockdown was tightened, the group donated groceries worth $13 000 for her upkeep and survival.


Political Views was formed in 2016 by political leaders to open space for political discussion in policy making and implementation.

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