DOMESTIC violence is not about size, gender or strength; but when men become its victims, most usually find it hard to seek help.
Some are ashamed to admit that they are vulnerable while others fear that no one will believe them. However, a Mutare man recently decided to let the cat off the bag as he dragged his wife to court seeking a peace order against her.

Kudzai Kasira and his wife, Panashe Mitchell Pasuwairi, recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, with the former saying he has had enough of his wife’s bashings.

He also claimed that Pasuwairi is also in the habit of urinating in his food and holy water. Ms Gumbo granted Kasira a five-year peace order.

Testifying in court, Kasira said: “Your Worship, my wife physically attacks me. She even pulled my private parts during a scuffle. This month alone, she has attacked me three times, damaging my phone in the process. She also urinates in my food and holy water.”

Kasira revealed that Pasuwairi’s alleged extramarital affair is the source of their conflict. “I have seen her on several occasions in the company of another man. When I quizzed her, she said she did not know the man as she had just met him in town,” said Kasira.

“I was in the process of paying lobola, but I cannot continue because of her violent tendencies. She always threatens to pour hot cooking oil on me. I am now living in fear,” said Kasira.

ln her defence, Pasuwairi said she only attacked him once in self-defence.

“This man is very abusive. He physically attacked me and pinned me to the wall. He grabbed me by the neck and that is when I had to pull his private parts. I did this in self defence,” said Pasuwairi.

Pasuwairi denied having an extramarital affair. “That man was going in the same direction with me as we walked in town. When Kasira asked me about him, I told him the truth but he hurled insults at me. He even attacked the man, accusing him of sleeping with me,” she said.

“I have no problem with him getting a peace order as I am also tired of his abuses,” charged Pasuwairi. Manica Post

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