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Popular forex trader Lesiba Mothupi left for dead after a car hijacking: Pics and Video

Lesiba Mothupi writes…

I’d like to thank everyone that helped with the Hijack for reposting and sharing information, yesterday at 7 pm I drove to Lotus Gardens a white Golf 7R followed me but I didn’t notice coz they gave me a distance ahead of them.

While picking up my brother at the cornerstone they pulled up in front of the car, four-armed guys. They started off by taking my belongings and kept on searching the car for the keys, my brother was able to run away from the situation so he went to go get help but sadly no one wanted to help us.

Those guys kept kicking and searching me till they found the car keys on me, that’s when they got more aggressive and ended up firing their gun so I start cooperating and hand them over the keys.

After a few seconds, they found the keys on me and they beat me more coz I didn’t want to give them. They left me close to half-dead on the pavement and off they went with the car and everything I had on me and in my side bag.

As soon as they left I was able to get up, my brother came for me and we ran to my friend’s house for a phone to make calls.

Fortunately I’m still okay and my brother is fine even though he was missed with a bullet, Hours later we were able to recover the car.

If any of these guys look familiar please do reach out in the DM with information, I again appreciate all those that went full out to make sure I’m okay.

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