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Sizwe Dhlomo dragged for saying anti-vaxxers are ‘confused’

South African media personality, Sizwe Dhlomo is the latest local celeb to be slammed for tweeting about the Covid-19 vaccination. In a Twitter post on Wednesday this week, the radio presenter suggested people explain what vaccination is in languages they can understand because they may be “confused.”

Sizwe Dhlomo has found himself in many people’s bad books after making the brave decision to tweet about the very controversial subject of Covid-19 vaccinations. He seemingly hasn’t learned from DJ Tira who frequently finds himself getting attacked online for telling people to get vaccinated.

Taking to Twitter on 15 September the radio host wrote that perhaps South Africans should start using the Zulu word for the vaccine because those who are still refusing to get vaccinated may be confused by the English term.

“Maybe people are confused because we keep calling it a vaccine. Batsheleni ukuthi umgomo ( Tell them “umgomo” which translates to a vaccine,” he wrote.

South Africans Twitter users were not even slightly impressed and wasted no time heading to the comment section of the post where they quickly roasted Sizwe. Many of them also resorted to calling him a “vaccine influencer” while asking how much he was getting paid for trying to force people to get vaccinated.

Here are some of their comments:

@NokwazieM22 said:

“Those Vaccines we took as kids were Tried and Tested and Approved… And this one is still under Trial Phase so no one, No One should be forced into being a Trial Lab Microscope Rat”

@Mcebo said:

“Wena ke uyadakwa. Jova uthule coconut. (And you are drunk. Take the injection quietly coconut.”

@Sandile_Tates said:

“I remember growing up, kids from rich families always thought they were smarter than every other kid… ! My big brother here is the typical example of those kids.”



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