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Zodwa Wabantu Scores A New Big Deal Becomes , Mazda Menyln ambassador

Reality TV star and businesswoman Zodwa Wabantu has scored herself a big deal. She announced the good news today on her social media platforms.

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Zodwa is officially a brand ambassador for Mazda, “Hold your handbrakes !!! With great excitement, I’d love to announce that I’m the newest Mazda Menlyn Ambassador,” she sharing the news on In Instagram.

She added: “Yes your very own Zodwa Wabantu will be cruising these streets in her new Mazda CX-30. Watch out for me at events and be the first to experience the Mazda CX-30 with Zodwa Wabantu.”

Fans and other celebrities including actress Lerato Mvelase and singer Mpumi took to the comments section to congratulate the socialite.

Another popular celebrity who recently bagged an ambassadorship deal is The River star Linda Mtoba.

“Cela nithi Hooray,” she wrote on Instagram sharing the news. She also revealed that there is more to come for her, “I’m so very proud to announce that I am the official brand ambassador for @edgarsfashion. What an honor to be part of a brand that has been a part of our lives for so many years,” she wrote


Meanwhile, a few days ago Zodwa Wabantu introduced her new Ben 10 leaving other young men envious after she shared a few tips for Ben 10s.

The socialite took to Instagram to school young men about making the most out of being Ben 10s.

She said they should make demands and also make sure that they always practice safe s_x. In a video, the Reality TV show star also flaunted her new car claiming that she got it from someone she is having casual sex with.

Captioning the video, she wrote: “Demand Driver’s License, R10 000 Allowance. Remember we have Money, Don’t Worship us, let us help you to Reach your Own Potential Please Please Condomise, Angifuni later Nithi Naguliswa yimi HIV (I don’t want you guys to later claim that I made you sick). Umuntu no Muntu Akazigulele. Mina Angikusabi.”

In the comments section, men begged to be Zodwa’s Ben 10s. @frostdm_ said he will even take dogs’ duties if necessary.
“Like I said adopt me even if the dog gets tired of barking at night I will be barking 🤐😮😮the ben 10 u meet are weak asf😂😂meet us that’s the day you will go mute.”

Monte responded: “Iyhooo…. How can I apply for this Ben-Tenism Business??? I will be the most sophisticatedly expensive of them all 😂😂😂 Trust that lol”

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