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MaDongwe From Uzalo’s Real Age Shocks Mzansi

She’s one of Uzalo’s underrated entertainers, but don’t let that fool you. We can all agree that she understands how to play the nurturing role. Recently, she’s been working on a wide range of projects since her rise to fame.

As Madongwe on Uzalo, Zama Magubane is a well-known South African entertainer. On the other hand, she portrays Lily’s mother in Uzalo.

What if I told you that she’s married? She is, in fact, married to Mr. Msibi, with whom she shares three children. Do you have any idea how old she is?

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On the eighteenth of June in the year 1983, the bubbly performer entered the world. Still, she’s a woman in her mid-thirties. Previously, she worked as a moderator on SABC 3 (2010), where she was then featured on Isehlukaniso before joining Uzalo (2018).

When she landed a role on Intersections, she shot to fame. She did appear as a companion, but she was also an additional. Despite this, she didn’t look down on those with less fortunate upbringings. For her, it was clear that if you want to be successful, you must start small and work your way up.

“When I was younger, I could have let myself believe that I was talented because I loved acting, but I was also skeptical until I attended Russell High School. ” Then one of my teachers told me that I had an incredible ability that I shouldn’t give up,” she said when she arrived and continued with my acting illustrations.

ZAMA claims that after taking a shot at Uzalo she recently realized that she will get a call, but the call didn’t come for more than two days. This left Zama’s hopes practically dashed.

As soon as I finished the meeting, my gaze was glued to the screen of my cellphone because I knew they’d call me. Instead, I waited for two days, which puzzled me and revealed that my efforts had been in vain.

My image and confirmation of something I had recently duplicated were requested two days later by a phone call. I hadn’t even told myself I’d found it until then. I was given the papers and told to start reading my lines when I arrived, “she said.

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