Home Celebrities Another talented actress on DiepCity Moshine Mametja(Aus Momo) Biography: Age

Another talented actress on DiepCity Moshine Mametja(Aus Momo) Biography: Age

All you need to know about Moshine Mametja from Diep City(Aus Momo

Lebohang Profile summary

Real Name: Moshine Mametja

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Limpopo,The Oaks GaSekororo

Age: 26

Ethnicity: Black

Nationality: South African

Occupation: Actress.

TV Shows: Diep City.

Acting Names: Mary(Aus Momo) on DiepCity

Moshine Mametja(Aus Momo)

Moshine Mametja is a South Actress who is well known for her role Aus Momo(Mary) on new television drama Diep City which was introduced to our television screen this year. Her acting skills have vowed Mzansi and a lot of people seems to be loving the young actress.Moshine is beautiful and she is the true definition of someone who is confidence in her own skin.

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Moshine Mametja Career.

Mametja started her acting career in theatre productions. She has been in involved in the production of StageFright. Mzansi has fallen in love with her television role Mary on Diep City. Her role Mary(AusMomo) on Diep City is a recurring role.

Mary Mametja is also a model. She has been modeling since 2008 where she entered Miss Maureleng and she was crowned 2nd Princess. In 2009 she entered the beauty pageant Miss Oaks and she was first Princess. In 2021 she entered Miss South Africa competition and she didn’t make it to the top 30.

Moshine Mametja is thankful for her charger Aus Momo(Mary) on DiepCity and said that it is the greatest opportunity given to her to showcase her talent

“The character Aus Mary, has been by far one of the greatest opportunity&gift that I had to showcase my talent to the world. Trust me when I say, I am truly enjoying each and every technique I use to bring Mary to life. Or one would say, I am an honest performer. This journey has taught me to be a canvas, to throw myself fully in and be comfortable being uncomfortable in terms of performance. Sometimes I shock myself I would have tapped so deep in the character that I forget I am acting. I AM so grateful to be living one of the greatest dreams. I am unfolding and growing everyday. Listen! I am a magnet of brilliant opportunities!!! Kea leboga Modimo le Badimo”

Moshine Mametja and her Diep City crew

Moshine Age and Education

Moshine is 26 years old. She was born in Limpopo, The Oaks GaSekororo and she grew up in Phalaborwa. She attended High School at Hoerskool Frans du Toit.Moshine dropped from College whilst studying auditing so that she can pursue her career in acting without the letting her parents know.



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