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Mad’ Chamisa Provoked Us: Zanu PF

Zanu Pf has accused opposition MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa of provoking its supporters to attack him and his team by “trying to impose his views and trying to address disinterested Zanu PF supporters” in Masvingo on Monday.

Chamisa and his team were attacked again yesterday by ruling party supporters, who barricaded roads to deny his convoy access to a local village.

It is alleged that the ruling party supporters, who were chanting slogans, were accompanied by the police

“So our Zanu PF people have a right to say, we don’t want you to address us, we don’t want to, it’s my right, but if you force me to listen to you, I have reason to be angry.”

Chinamasa did not, however, explain why the police teargassed Chamisa at a private residence, how the villagers acquired the neatly printed placards or what they were doing, uninvited, at MDC Alliance gatherings.

He also claimed that Chamisa and his entourage fired guns into the air to try and scare away Zanu PF supporters.

“I hear the opposition leader and his bodyguards fired shots in the air,” Chinamasa said.

“You know the last time we heard shots in the air was during the liberation struggle, now if there is anything that can agitate people and make them angry, is trying to demonstrate your power through firing a gun.

“You must expect the consequences; you are basically asking people to defend themselves.”

Chinamasa also claimed some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were receiving funding from the West to topple the government and the party will soon be issuing a directive to party supporters to shun them.

“So, we will be writing a directive mentioning the NGOs that are proxies of countries wanting to topple the Zanu PF government,” Chinamasa said.

“We will tell our supporters, don’t have anything to do with those people, don’t associate with those people, they are no good, they are going to bring misery to you.”

Before Chinamasa’s Press conference, Zanu PF supporters vented their anger through social media.

“The villagers who demonstrated against @nelsonchamisa in Masvingo did so within the confines of the law. Chamisa represents a violent organisation which called for sanctions. Villagers were not violent. Chamisa is not immune from demos,” wrote Zanu PF Patriots on Twitter.

Information Ministry secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana and Zanu PF director of information Tafadzwa Mugwadi thanked the people of Masvingo for attacking and blocking Chamisa’s convoy.

They accused the MDC Alliance of stage-managing the attacks in order to draw the attention of the United Nations Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan who is scheduled to visit Zimbabwe to assess the impact of sanctions on the country from October 18 to 28.

“We are in the event of #COP26 and the special rapporteurs’ engagement is about to happen. Do you know what else has started? The Dramas,” Mangwana tweeted.

“We are tired of the @mdczimbabwe provocations aimed at setting the agenda and stage for the coming UN Rapporteur on sanctions…,” Mugwadi also tweeted.

Yesterday, the MDC Alliance tweeted: “Excessive roadblocks have been mounted in Masvingo following the arrival of president Chamisa. Police Zimbabwe are conducting illegal stop and search operations. They say they are looking for weapons.”

In a statement, MDC Alliance spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said the arrival of Chamisa in Masvingo province saw ruling party supporters turn the area into a warzone.

“This political violence is unconstitutional; it violates our political rights enshrined in section 67 of the Constitution, and causes extreme concern,” Mahere said.

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