Home Sports Good Samaritan:Former PSL boss offers help to Tendai Ndoro

Good Samaritan:Former PSL boss offers help to Tendai Ndoro

Former Mpumalanga Black Aces chairperson George Morfou has volunteered to help down and out Zimbabwean striker Tendai Ndoro after concerns regarding his health.

Shocking images surfaced of a frail-looking Ndoro which sparked concerns about his apparent dramatic weight loss.

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George and brother Mario, were responsible for introducing the 36-year-old striker to the Premier Soccer League (PSL) when they signed him from Chicken Inn.

Scroll through to see images of former Orlando Pirates striker Tendai Ndoro

“Yes I did see the images, and it looks very, very concerning to be honest,” Morfou tells Kickoff.com.

“He really looks like he’s struggling and I feel for the boy. I’m hoping that he gets through whatever he’s suffering. I really don’t know why, if he’s playing football, what’s really going on with the man. Let’s hope he can get out of it.

“We brought him to South Africa yes, he played for Black Aces first before he went across to Pirates. We had him for a couple of years, and he was an integral part of the club. He did very well for us and you know he was part of the family so when I saw those pictures I got a little bit concerned, to be honest.

“You know what I liked about him, he used to listen, he used to ask if he never knew. He would ask for advice from people in the office, especially and Mario as the two chairpersons.

“When it comes to lifeskills he used to talk to his coaches, he was always willing to learn.

“So with regards to his finances we were never ever concerned about him having a problem. When he moved across to Pirates he was fine. So I don’t know really what’s going on, to be honest.

“I’m definitely going to reach out to him, I’ve got his details. I did try to call him last week or so, I think it was three days ago when you guys put the pictures up. I tried to call him I couldn’t get through to him, but I will try to call him again to see if everything is okay or if he needs assistance.”-Kickoff

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