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Top reggae sound system Judgement Yard splits over money

ONE of the country’s top reggae sound system Judgement Yard is teetering on the brink of collapse following a massive fall out between the Master of Ceremonies (MC) Etherton Beenie (real name Etherton Mutemasango) and selector DJ Flevah.

The duo’s combination made them one of the most sought after sound systems in the country, who set Harare night spots ablaze with their hot choice of music playlists and stage presentation.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post, DJ Flevah confirmed the split.

“Well, we parted ways two years ago due to some irreconcilable differences but we remain brothers and will keep moving. See what happened to Kenyan sound Black Supremacy, they went through the same route but music lives on,” said DJ Flevah.

In a separate interview Judgement Yard Founder Yungsen I-Randu told Zim Morning Post that he was busy striking a reconciliation of the team.

“We are resolving these minor issues,” he said from his United Kingdom base.

Etherton could not be reached for comment.

Information gathered by this publication established that the break up involved misappropriation of funds.

Impeccable sources revealed that DJ Flevah was in charge of the administration side and he handled the bookings.

In that role, he is alleged to have under-declared income compelling Etherton to pack his bags.

DJ Flevah, however, poured cold water on these allegations which he described as “frivolous”.

Further investigations established that Etherton was not happy with the association with elite fans because his foundation is based on “true Rastafari” having grown up in Mwamuka Street in Mbare.

“Flevah is more on the elite side and not a true Rasta. He is an excellent selector but his roots are not founded on reggae music so Etherton was not amused by the capture of the sound system by snob elements,” said an insider who requested not to be named.

“Remember when they played at Red Fox, the beef started from Volume 31 when Flevha directed Etherton to shout out to those rich kids which is not part of the ethics of reggae sound systems. Abisha Palmer is true sound man though,” the insider added.

The charismatic DJ Flevah has teamed up with DJ Too Bad, TawaStock Short Boss and Abisher Palmer and retained the name Judgement Yard .

The depleted outfit won a slot to play on the Rasta Thursdays at Club Mashwede in Harare.

Last Thursday, they brought the house down and a socialite identified only as Boss Sky threw heaps of United States dollar bills on the stage in appreciation of the finesse in their performance.

Etherton confirmed the development but promised to revert but did not do justice to the promise at the time of writing.

However, last week he was billed to perform at Dreams nightclub with DJ Rimo who is part of NR Entertainment along with entrepreneur Nash Chavi who seems to have redirected focus on his furniture business.

He is also a director with Intratek, an energy entity owned by businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Both Etherton and DJ Flevah have decorated track records on the decks.

Etherton was part of Stereo One International fronted by the late Jah B Sinclair and boasted of the Midas Touch of Booker T and Major Ephraim Mushore who are now based in the United Kingdom where they are furthering their education.

At their prime, the outfit was the talk of the town and their hunting ground was Tube nightclub in central Harare.

The sound system culture however seems to be evolving after the advent of the internet and technology metamorphosis.

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