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Breaking: Ex-Bafana Bafana star shot in the stomach by wife

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Former Bafana Bafana striker Mark Williams was allegedly shot in the stomach with a stun gun by his then-wife in one of their domestic violence bouts that were covered in a veil of secrecy.

The footballer’s wife also allegedly broke into his house after she had moved out following their separation and vandalized his belongings before pouring copious amounts of alcohol on his bedding.

Former Bafana Bafana striker Mark Williams

The shocking incidents, which occurred around 2006, came to the fore last week after a fresh fight broke out between the two over a Bryanston property that she wanted to auction off to the highest bidder and leave the footie, and his new family, homeless.

Speaking to the publication on condition of anonymity, a close friend of Mark and his ex said the Supersport soccer commentator briefed his lawyers last week to obtain a court order to stop Branca from selling his posh pad.

The friend said Mark and his ex entered into a verbal settlement agreement on how they would divide their multimillion-rand estate after their acrimonious divorce in 2008.

According to the settlement agreement, said the friend, the two were to receive over R1.2-million each in cash from their joint account.

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The former Kaizer Chiefs marksman was to keep the Bryanston house, which was then valued at about R3-million while she was to occupy their Merlose Arch home, which was also worth about R3-million.

The friend said she sold the Melrose property in 2009 and pocketed the proceeds of the sale.

“This because this was her property as agreed in the settlement, hence she did not share the proceeds with Mark and also because he did not ask for a cent from it,” said the friend.

Mark, said the friend, got the shock of his life on October 20 last year when he received a letter from the sheriff that his Bryanston home would be auctioned off to the highest bidder and that the two should share the profit generated from its sale.

The friend further said Mark was shocked that she would do this to him because he had not defaulted on the maintenance of their child.

“When he enquired why she was selling the property, he said she told him that the City of Joburg’s rates and tax account was in arrears that have a potential to negatively affect her credit record if they take legal action as the account was still in the names of both of them,” said the friend.

The pal said Williams admitted that the account was once over R300 000 in arrears but had since reduced it to just over R33 000 with the income he received as an analyst.

The friend added that the two drifted apart after she broke into Mark’s house on April 20 2006 and damaged a new plasma television set, a new computer, a fax machine, toaster and kettle, and poured wine all over his private belongings before tearing up his bedding.

He said on July 20 2006, she shot him with a stun gun in the stomach and then fired another shot at him, which missed and lodged itself into the hard plastic part of the door of his vehicle.

When contacted, Williams confirmed that his ex had applied for a court order to auction off his house.

“She is greedy man. We had a settlement agreement for her to keep the Melrose Arch house, but she sold it and now she wants to sell mine because suddenly she said she was not aware of the agreement.

“The property she sold was not the only one she kept, I had eight properties and she took 80% of those properties and I kept a few because I’m a good person. This woman abused me physically and financially. I’m going to fight her in court, she is not going to sell this one because I have a family to protect,” he said.

Williams also confirmed that she had shot him in the stomach and also vandalized his property. When contacted, she refused to comment.

She told him the Joburg rates and taxes account was in arrears.

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