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List of Former Footballers Whose Life Ruined by Women

Tendai Ndoro, Thando Maseko during happier times.

It is a natural belief that football players make cold hard cash especially if they are affiliated with the most recognized teams or the national team. This is true, but if they are not well equipped with skills on how to manage the money they become broke.

The much blame is on women as the footballers committed to loving and surrendering their possessions to their wives.

Recently, there was an outrage on social media of former Orlando Pirates player Tendai Ndoro who lost everything from his former wife and left broke. 

Ndoro was married to Thando Maseko people have pledged to assist him after he has been kicked out of home by his wife. The couple used to live a luxurious life but it later turned toxic 

Ndoro and Maseko lived together in a fancy estate called Kyalami in Johannesburg.

The estate is known for all its lovely amenities, including a dam, tennis courts, outdoor gyms, and more. Kyalami is also protected 24/7 by top-notch security. 

According to South Africa reports the couple fall out which led to Maseko kicking out of their lux home and the wife seized all of the assets leaving Ndoro with nothing. 

In another publication writes that Ndoro’s property in South Africa is not registered in his name so when things were not going well with his wife, he was kicked out. 

The couple has also made headlines in the past, due to domestic violence allegations and a fake marriage certificate.

Ndoro’s heath has been reported to be deteriorating after the traumatic loss of the wealth which he had hardly earned. 

Former Warriors star Shingi Kawondera is also a victim of a life that was ruined by a woman. Kawondera was married to Mary Mubaiwa Chiwenga, he claimed that he invested a massive US$80 000 in the Lachelle Company which he later lost after dumping him to get married to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. 

Kawondera, Mary at the pick of love before dumping.

Kawondera also alleges that Mary forged his signature on the divorce papers so that she could get married to the General.

After, Kawondera was dumped his health also deteriorated from the divorce trauma. 


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