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SAD:Man kills self after mum tells him his dad is not his biological father

Police carrying coffin
Police carrying a coffin

A 29-year-old man from Mafa Line in Tsholotsho under chief Gampu committed suicide after his mother revealed to him that the man he knew as his dad was not his biological father.

The incident happened on Monday shortly after 5 pm.

A source said Precious Ndebele (48) had been facing sleepless nights over why she was not telling her son Nkosilathi Ndebele the truth that Kenneth Ndebele was not his biological father.

On Monday this week Precious decided to free herself from the long-standing secret that was nagging her.

She called her son, Nkosilathi, and revealed to him that there was something that was tormenting her soul.

“She sobbed before telling him that Kenneth Ndebele was not his biological father. She told him that the issue had been tormenting her for quite a long time,” said the source.

Nkosilathi failed to accept the sad news, he became depressed and took drugs to deaden the pain.

Nkosilathi confided in his girlfriend, Sakhile Ncube (20) that he wanted to commit suicide because life was not worth living.

After two days he called his lover and told her that he had decided to commit suicide.

“She tried to counsel him over the phone but he insisted on taking his life. On the fateful day, Sakhile rushed to his homestead and found the door of his bedroom hut locked.

“She forcefully opened it and found him hanging from the roof truss,” said a source.

The matter was reported at Tshefunye police base in Tsholotsho.

No foul play was suspected and a post-mortem was waived by a magistrate.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the incident and urged community members to relay such sensitive information via trusted elders, traditional leaders, or professional counselors.


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