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WATCH: BRUISED woman exposes police for releasing her abuser

Abused Pretoria woman calls out police and government Image source: Twitter screen grab

A woman in Pretoria has called out the South African Police Service (SAPS) for failing to protect her, despite her numerous attempts to report her partner for abuse. The unknown woman took her grievance to Twitter and the video clip has since gone viral.

In the clip taken outside a Pretoria police station, the woman, whose face is visibly bruised, speaks of her abuse and accuses her partner of making life a living hell for her. She claims she has opened cases against him a number of times, but he has still never been brought to justice – something she largely blames police for.


The woman says when she had to open her last case of abuse against him, she drove to the Mamelodi Police Station on Saturday evening, but lo and behold, it was closed. She was forced to head to the Silverton Police Station.

“My abuser is roaming on the streets as we speak. The police did nothing, nothing to help us. When we walked in here they were grovelling to him like a king and I knew something was going to happen. I opened multiple cases, reporting this person. He is making my life a living hell,” she says in the clip.

She goes on to plead with Police Minister Bheki Cele and his Justice counterpart Ronald Lamola for assistance with her plight.

“Look at my face. I am a woman. Look at my head – the police are not helping. They are waiting for me to die. The President of this state, this is what your country has come to. No one can defend us. The people who are supposed to be protecting us are the people who are exposing us. They are exposing us to abuse”

Pretoria woman bemoaning her abuse

Many South Africans voiced their anger at the lack of justice, particularly for women who are abused. Government has often faced fierce criticism for failing to protect women from their abusers and often condemning incidents when it’s too late – when the victims have died at the hands of their attackers.

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