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PICS:Trevor along with others share their bank balances on Twitter

It started with Nota Baloyi posting a screenshot of his lucrative bank balance. Now Trevor Gumbi has joined in on the action too.

The comedian waded into a war of words between the entertainment commentator and rapper Cassper Nyovest. Nota and Cassper have been trending on Twitter after the latter challenged the podcaster to a boxing match.

Cass even offered to pay Nota R100 000 to face off with him in the ring!

Meanwhile in a since-deleted tweet, Nota posted a picture of his “rainy day savings” – a cool R260 000!


Trevor Gumbi joined the chat by posting a screenshot of his own supposed bank balance – a whopping R7 million!

He responded to Nota Baloyi, tweeting: “LOL let’s not do this bro. Some savings are just built different”.

But after his tweet attracted eyeballs, Trevor Gumbi quickly recanted his story.

He tweeted: “Just kidding. This is not mine AND it’s Photoshop, so please, no Feds. It was a ‘Haha’”

He added: “Where are my friends or the people who know me in real life or the people I owe money to? Y’all come together for interventions but y’all can’t call me out on this lie? Bunch of Judas’s. Tell them I’m broke dammit!”

“She Left Him Because He Went Broke” – Lady Du EXPOSED


Meanwhile tweeps are demanding Cassper Nyovest share a screenshot of his bank balance like Nota Baloyi and Trevor Gumbi

“So #casspernyovest can show all his cars but he won’t show us his bank balance. Lol NOTA”

“Nota must know you are not in his level Cass”

“I’m waiting for Cassper Nyovest to join the group chat!”


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