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ZBC Presenter Admits To Fabricating R_ape Allegations In Audio Played In Court

Prophet T Freddy x Rutendo Makuti (File Image)
The Harare magistrates’ court today heard that ZBC Presenter, Rutendo Makuti fabricated r_ape charges from her frustration that the Goodness and Mercy Ministries prophet T Freddy was no longer interested in the relationship.

As the court case between Rutendo Makuti and Prophet T Freddy continues to take centre stage, an audio implicating the complainant was played in court today.

In the audio Rutendo Makuti confessed that cooked up the r_ape charges against Prophet T Freddy.

Rutendo told the court that after realizing that he was no longer showing any interest in the relationship, she got frustrated and decided to come up with the allegations.

During the trial, it also emerged that Rutendo was also having an extramarital affair with several people including ZBC news boss Albert Chekai.

Meanwhile, this confession comes a day after it emerged that she consented to the sexual act and seduced Prophet T. Freddy by sending him nude pictures.

Rutendo Makuti Accused Of Seducing Prophet T Freddy With N__udes

Yesterday the court heard that Rutendo used nude pictures, audio and text messages to demand s_ex from Prophet T Freddy.

Rutendo’s nudes and implicating audios were presented in court as evidence.

In one of the audios presented in court, Rutendo can be heard asking for a kiss and se_x from the self-proclaimed man of God.

In light of all the evidence presented in court, Rutendo confirmed that the nude pictures were taken from her phone. She, however, denied seducing Prophet T Freddy.

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