Home Politics Zivhu fires scathing attacks at ‘troubled monkey’ Mutsvangwa

Zivhu fires scathing attacks at ‘troubled monkey’ Mutsvangwa

former Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu
former Chivi South MP Killer Zivhu

FORMER Zanu PF legislator for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu has declared war on Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa who he declared a “troubled monkey” that cannot win elections.

Zivhu was responding after Mutsvangwa laid into the party’s former Political Commissar Savior Kasukuwere saying his meeting with the expelled Zivhu and independent Norton legislator Temba Peter Mliswa in South Africa last week was part of a desperate attempt to wriggle back into political relevance.

In a statement, Mutsvangwa described Kasukuwere as a “day dreamer” and Zivhu and Mliswa “two vain political pretenders and moonlighters”

Zivhu did not take the attack lightly, spending much of Tuesday taking potshotd at Mutsvangwa who lost the 2018 parliamentary elections to Mliswa in Norton.

“Kuwawata wakaba dictionary mumaoko hakusi kuziva mutzvinoita Mutsvangwa, by now angadayi ari VP kana anga ari politician anemusoro. Very soon unodzingwa… dzungu rakawandisa , wakadzingwa kangani pama positions na Mugabe? 2017 akaitwa Advisor zvikaindepi?


[Mutsvangwa just waffles big words from the dictionary but knows nothing regarding politics. He could have been Vice President by now but he’s a directionless politician hence his firing by Mugabe. He was also fired by President Mnangagwa as his special advisor]. Mutsvangwa is just a troubled monkey,” said Zivhu.
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Zivhu said he was by far a better politician than Mutsvangwa who he said has never won an election.

“Ndahwinha 2018 iye akaruza saka ndiyani Politician pakati pedu, kuwawata wakabata dictionary mumaoko hakusi kuziva. [He lost elections in 2018 whilst I won, so who’s the better politician between the two of us?]

“From 2000 up to 2018 ndichingohwinha ma elections kwa Chivi, ndichiita zvinobatika since 2000 up to now. [I’ve been winning elections since 1995 and have something to show on the ground].

“I support ED not Mutsvangwa because haafi akaita President. Ndikakutuka Mutsvangwa unozvisungirira let this be your last time kundijairira handidyi kumba kwako. [I support ED (Mnangagwa) and not Mutsvangwa because he will never be President. Leave me alone Mutsvangwa, I don’t eat from your house].”

Zivhu ranted on about Mutsvangwa’s command of vocabulary saying that cannot win anyone votes. He compared the former Ambassador to China as an unelectable skunk adding that Mutsvangwa was actually more toxic to Mnangagwa than Kasukuwere ever will be.

“Chris Mutsvangwa tinyarewo hauna kana munhu anokuda iwe, you can’t win an election saka dzungu ndereyi? You are more dangerous to ED than Kasukuwere. Hautengeseki kuvanhu se nyama yechidembo. Just shut up. Chirungu haasi mavhotsi vanhu vanokusema iwe kunge toilet mu Norton.”

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) repossessed the Parliamentary vehicle Zivhu was using since his election into Parliament.

While ZIMRA refused to comment, Zivhu claimed the car was taken away just upon his return from South Africa after the weekend.

“Zimbabwean Government ‘s way of dealing with criticism, yakaoma chokwadi. Out of more than 30 fired MPs , ndini ndoga ndatorerwa motor ne Zimra yandakapiwa me Paliament. Zvakaoma zve Boyz idzi. But I will continue driving hangu handizofambi netsoka.”

In his hard-hitting statement against Zivhu, Kasukuwere and Mliswa, Mutsvangwa said the trio was a non-entity insofar as Mnangagwa’s 2023 election bid was concerned.

Mutsvangwa said Mnangagwa will win the 2023 national plebiscite on the basis of an ardent support of the Zimbabwean populace.

“The other moonlighter (Zivhu) is a publicity seeking political adventurer who somehow thinks his stunts may win him followers in Masvingo Province,” said Mutsvangwa.

“For the record, the President ED Mnangagwa has no need whatsoever of the purported and professed support of the three whistlers in the dark who wallow in the political darkness. He will win the by-elections and 2023 National elections on the basis of the ardent support of the Zimbabwe populace.”

Zivhu was expelled from Zanu PF and subsequently from Parliament in July 2020 after his home province of Masvingo had recommended his expulsion.

This was after he used social media to push for a meeting between First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s wife, Sithokozile.

According to insiders, Zivhu did this as part of his initiatives to push for dialogue between President Mnangagwa and Chamisa.

Meanwhile, Mliswa has also fired back at Mutsvangwa. Mliswa said Mutsvangwa should not use party letterheads to vent his personal anger at perceived political enemies.

“How he has contrived to include Mary Chikoka in his attacks shows his patriarchal character and the inherent abuse of women in Zanu PF. Hon Chikoka is independent of me and has nothing to do with my own political actions. That Mutsvangwa attacks an innocent woman is deplorable,” Mliswa wrote on Twitter.

“When I have them all, I will speak and they are afraid. Some of those expelled, such as (Ray) Kaukonde, can’t talk, but I will. The truth will come out.

“I worked hard for Zanu PF and will not be cowed by empty gongs. I stand for the truth and the progress of the nation,” Mliswa said.

The independent legislator also said Mutsvangwa had a poor record as a politician hence his anger at people who have better political strategies than him.

“Mutsvangwa’s statement is a manifestation of his patriarchal, garrulous and vindictive political attitude which provide a basis for his poor career as a politician. Mutsvangwa was G40 together with Kasukuwere until he was used and expelled. That’s his source of anger.

“He was part of G40 when it teamed up with Lacoste and expelled a faction accused of supporting Mai (Joyce) Mujuru, Gamatox. I was part of the victims.

“He was ambitious and thought he would be VP after that, but his allies booted him out. He has harboured that anger since then.”

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