Is Master KG Pretending Love To Makhadzi After A Nast Fallout?


Is it LOVE or PRETENCE…After a nasty crumble of Makhadzi and Master KG’s relationship years ago, it seems as Master KG is on the brink to rekindle and reunite with his now mogul ex-girlfriend.

The duo’s breakup was confirmed by through Master KG’s facebook’s post which reads:
“Me and Makhadzi parted ways months ago…to focus on our careers.We are still young and we still need to achieve bog things…”

Rumours concerning the reunion if the two have been circulating on social media with Master KG being the source of the news.

Recently he [Master KG] refered Makhadzi as his wife and on another separate occasion kissed her during their performance.

It is yet quite unclear whether the two are back together or it is just another publicity stunt that is aimed at reviving the Jerusalem hitmaker’s career.

However, tweeps have gone berserk with Master KG’s actions labeling and opportunist seeking to revive his career through Makhadzi’s success.

Here are some of the comments from Makhadzi’s fans:

“I think Master KG is an opportunist, he first dumped Makhadz so he can travel the world alone, now that Makhadzi is making it his back even calling her his wife,” said the troll.

“I was shocked when KG was going to Makhadzi gigs to ‘support her’. Makhadzi is more popular now. Gets more bookings. Has more followers on FB. That was an attempt to KG to revive his waning career. Shine your light with Akon flopped. Money giveaways on Twitter didn’t help,” said another tweep.

Shine your light hitmaker responded to such comments through a Twitter comment:

“ Me dealing with haters this year💯💯🔥



Makhadzi who started her career over a decade ago as a street dancer is now one of the most celebrated and popular female artist in South Africa at the moment.
In 2021 her album Kokovha was named the most-streamed Mzansi female album.

She also held gigs which racked over a million rands with one which made headlines in zim where she performed at Zimbabwe’s Secretary for Finance and Economic Development George Guvamatanga’s birthday where she is said to have been paid five times more than her usual charge.

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