Zimbabwe to start issuing e-passports next week

THE Registrar-General’s Offices has the new e-passport equipment and systems now in place and will begin the issuance of new passports end of the week.

Zimbabwean Passport

The government launched the e-passport in December.

European firm Garsu Paulis got the nod to produce modern passports that comply with global aviation benchmarks. The company said it is now good to go.

At the Garsu Pasaulis offices at the Immigration Department in Harare this Monday, workers were seen undergoing training to mark the changeover to the new system.

“The change over from the old to the new system requires extensive training of personnel and we are happy that we have completed the process as you can see our workers are being educated by the trainers on how the system works,” said Chukkri Assal Managing Director Garsu Pasaulis.

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The simulation of the new system was also conducted to assess its conformity and issuance of the new e-passports to the general public is expected to start this week.

“We are going to start issuing the passports within the next 3 days and training of staff was key to come up with a seamless process.”

Garsu Pasaulis will establish similar infrastructure and systems in all the country’s provinces and Bulawayo is next on the list as the national programme begins.

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