Property developer George Katsimberis yesterday blamed his engineer for tricking him to use plans, which were not approved by the City of Harare.
Katsimberis is accusing former Pokugara Properties managing director Mr Micheal Van Blerk of perjury.

However,Van Blerk is denying all charges being levelled against him.

Asked by Van Blerk’s lawyer advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara during cross examination if he was the one who went to the Cleveland Council House to get the building plan stamped, Katsimberis admitted saying he sent his engineer to Cleveland House to get the building plan of cluster houses that he was supposed to build in Borrowdale.

He told the court that his engineer went to Cleveland to get the building plan stamped and approved.

Responding to another question by advocate Zhuwarara on whether the engineer went to the Mt Pleasant office or Cleveland House, Katsimberis replied that it was Cleveland.

He also stated that he was sure that the building plans were approved in Cleveland.

Advocate Zhuwarara told Katsimberis that Cleveland House only deals with industrial building plans and not homes.

He went on to ask Katsimberis if he had any proof apart from the receipts that his building plans were approved at Cleveland to which he said he had none at that moment.

Zhuwarara further told Katsimberis that the plan that he is relying on was for a stand number 10 and not number 9 which he is insisting in court.

Katsimberis insisted that it was number 9 and blamed his engineer for the blunder.

Advocate Zhuwarara further told Katsimberis that if he had issues with the documents provided by Van Blerk he should have stopped the matter from hearing at the High Court.

The lawyer further said the High Court matter was removed from the roll but Katsimberis appealed at the Supreme Court and his case was dismissed.

Van Blerk is denying the purjury allegations saying the charges are contrived and calculated to embarrass him.

The state represented by Zivanai Macharaga had alleged that Van Blerk in his personal capacity and representing Pokugara Properties filed a false written statement and lied in a sworn affidavit that a show house constructed by land developer Katsimberis was built without approved building plans from the City of Harare.

The showroom in question was constructed by Katsimberis under a joint venture deal with Pokugara Properties.

Zhuwarara told the court that Van Blerk did not lie that the showroom was build without approved building plans from City of Harare through a letter dated July 26, 2018.

Harare Mr Ngoni Nduna postponed the matter to April 28 for trial continuation.


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