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“I Was Not In A Relationship By Myself” – Anita Jackson

Singer and songwriter Anita Jackson has fired back at Poptain Yardbwoy’s claims that the two of them never dated. Anita insisted that the two of them both knew what was going on and that she was not in a relationship by herself.

Anita said this in an interview with Sokostina on Star FM. This comes after Poptain claimed that he never dated Anita Jackson in a previous interview.

According to Poptain, “nothing like that ever happened.” Poptain went on to say that he only played along and apologised to his fans.

He added the constant references to this relationship with Anita were degrading to his wife.

Poptin also claimed that he had been pushed into the situation by people in the industry who claimed that it would be good for their careers.

After the interview, he also posted a social media message in which he apologised. Poptain said he was not proud of what had happened in the now-deleted post.

“Those that followed me because of the stunt can proudly unfollow me. My conscious music can not be diluted by drama. I still wanna lead a normal life, and I said sorry to my day one fans cause I know the disappointment they had when I took this route.”

"I Was Not In A Relationship By Myself" - Anita Jackson Fires Back At Poptain's Claims They Never Dated



Anita, however, questioned Poptain’s version of events. She called on Poptain to own everything that had happened without playing the victim or blaming someone else.


After noting Anita Jackson’s version of events, Poptain insisted that he did not blame anyone during his interview.

God knows I did not blame anyone. I said I wanna apologise to the fans for such a stunt. And above all, my woman deserves the clarity.



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