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“I Don’t Regret Being Broke”, Mai Titi Speaks Out

Newly-wed bride Mai Titi, who has been the town of the town since her grand wedding in April, finally got time to sit down and spill the tea

Speaking on V. Candy’s Podcast, Mai Titi unapologetically said she is now broke after splashing close to US$100k on her grand wedding.

Mai Titi revealed that her wedding consumed right around US$89k. She said they decided to go all out because it was their special day.

Ndakatobroker zvaizvezvi…Zvaizvezvi ndakatorowa nenhamo zvisingaite because mari yese iyende. If we are to remain broke, this is our day and we are going to make it special,” she said.

“…We gave our all to make it our perfect day and it was indeed our perfect day. So I don’t regret being broke, my perfect day came to pass, that’s all that matters, Mai Titi said.

This is not the first time the socialite has opened up on being broke after her wedding. A few days after the wedding, Mai Titi revealed that hiring South African musician, Kelly Khumalo to perform at her wedding left her “bankrupt” but it was worth every dollar.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mai Titi wrote:

“One of the expensive things at our wedding was bringing Kelly Khumalo here. It was worth it at the end of the day as it was my daughters’ dream just to hug her. I’m also a huge fan of hers, I fell in love with her on Empini.
“Dear Kelly, you left us bankrupt, but it’s ok sisi, it was worth it.”

According to the socialite, when they chose Kelly Khumalo, the couple was not just looking for entertainment, but rather, they wanted someone who would tell their story.

In another Instagram post she wrote:

“We were not just looking for entertainment, but we were telling a story through our wedding. That’s why we had this powerful vocal Goddess at our wedding. She resonates with my life in so many ways, but still, she rises.
One of the strongest women I know and respect. Just her being there was more than enough. Once more, thank you Kelly Khumalo.”

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