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Pictures Of Chatunga Mugabe Who Seems To Have Lost So Much Weight ( See Pics)

What could be going on in the Mugabe household?

Just yesterday, pictures of Robert Mugabe Jr circulated, and he was bedridden in Singapore. Reports allege that he was admitted to a hospital after a collapsed lung.

Chatunga Mugabe with Stewart Nyamayaro (Image: ZimCelebs)

Yesterday again, pictures of Chatunga Mugabe emerged online, and he is now a paler version of his sturdy self. Chatunga looked scrawny, seemingly having lost a lot of weight.

Unlike his older brother Robert Jr, the youngest of the late President Robert Mugabe’s children has always been known to be stout.

What could be the reason for this sudden weight loss?

Tweeps have been coming up with a lot of theories to try and debunk this mystery, from chronic illness to drug abuse.  However, others were more charitable and opined that Chatunga had simply chosen to lose weight to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Here are some of their reactions to pictures of Chatunga Mugabe.


@collegekidMG –

Personally I just hope Chatunga is okay, healthy wise!! Let’s not make fun of him😶‍🌫️😴



If this is really Chatunga I understands why his brother joined Zanu. Munofa nenzara mukatevedzera isu Havana

Robert Mugabe Junior Hospitalised In Singapore (See PIctures)

@tendaim65 –Lifestyle yeMbinga requires constant income,the long suffering tax payers of Zimbabwe provided that vachinyepera kuRunner maBusiness ivo vachiba tax ,now that tax

been shut off that lifestyle can’t be maintained unless they find a replacement for that income


@mzkuruwasekuru –

Mazino ayo madrugs chete.. he’s loosing it.



Ini ndaramba kubvuma kuti ndiye

Uyu ndichatunga lite


Best Fainas Mwarurumwe –

This is a low budget Chatunga ..more like Chatungwa if you ask me🤣


GibezhOf AllTimes –

It’s funny in Zim if you lose weight wakutonzi uri kurwara?? Sometimes a person can decide to lose weight by themselves…it’s actually healthy, Doctors can even advice a person to lose weight…maybe it’s because most of us takakura tichitambura zvekumboshaya chikafu saka kana munhu akasimba inotonzi it’s a sign of good living 🤦🏽‍♂️ yet it’s not even healthy, you will be prone to diseases like diabetes, high BP etc


Tapiwa Bazil Kutamahufa –

I think it’s crystal meth …..he needs help !!!

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