Home Politics Chinotimba under-fire over leaked video of him hammering Mnangagwa

Chinotimba under-fire over leaked video of him hammering Mnangagwa

Joseph Cinotimba blasts Mthuli Ncube
Joseph Cinotimba blasts Mthuli Ncube

Outspoken Zanu-PF Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba is under-fire from the ruling party for accusing President Emmerson Mnangagwa of attempting to impose a candidate in his constituency.

This followed a leaked three minute video of him quoting a Bible and claiming that Mnangagwa was scheming to get rid of him as Member of Parliament.

Chinotimba claimed that there were people who were being sent by Mnangagwa to decampaign him ahead of the 2023 elections.

“The word of God was preached here and people were liberated… and there are people who are saying that Chinotimba should die. I did not elect myself to this position. It’s you who elected me and l did not impose myself on the position.

“What have I failed to do so that I (should) be removed (from) my position?” Chinotimba said while addressing Zanu supporters in Muchini village, ward 29, Buhera South constituency.

“I have put electricity in most areas in my constituency and I have not stopped… Now Mnangagwa wants to send his people to remove me. This country was fought for by war veterans.”

A Zanu-PF group called the Zimbabwe Revolutionary and Patriotic Youth Network led by one Tendai Nyikadzino has written to the ruling party headquarters demanding an explanation from Chinotimba.

“As Zimbabwe Revolutionary and Patriotic Youth Network we note with concern the trending video of Cde J Chinotimba accusing our President, Cde Dr. ED Mnangagwa of imposing a candidate in Buhera constituency.

“It is in this context that we demand from Cde Chinotimba a full explanation on the allegations he raised against the President,” read the letter.

The group further notes that: “Of interest also is how Cde J Chinotimba intentionally failed to acknowledge the country’s President and ZANU-PF’s First Secretary in public by addressing His Excellency Cde Dr. ED Mnangagwa as ‘Mnangagwa’.

“This rebellious disregard to authority does not set good precedence to the youth especially when it comes from a war veteran.

“So, we seek your guidance as the Youths League to get a full explanation as to what Cde Chinotimba meant.”

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