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Dancehall Rebirth At Harare Gardens This Saturday

A clash between Zim dancehall’s old guard and freshly minted talent that emerged over the last two years but remains uncelebrated is to set to take place at the Harare Gardens this Saturday.


This will be Chillspot Records’ 10th Anniversary.


And as is tradition, the record label is unleashing its newest gems at a packed Harare Gardens show where a hungry audience will be waiting.


Fans who attended the Kinnah birthday bash at the Harare Gardens and also Seh Calaz’s album launch at the Netball Complex in Mbare have been openly calling for fresh talent to be given an opportunity.

Tavekuda kumboona vapfanha vanyowani (we also want to see fresh talent),” said one fan commenting on the Chipaz Promotions Facebook Page, where many supported him.


This appears to be the general sentiment among hardcore Zim dancehall fans who have been starved of new talent for the last two years as live shows were banned due to Covid-19 regulations.


But their prayers have been answered, Chillspot Records and Chipaz promotions are bringing a line-up of rising stars who have been holding fort throughout the lockdown, at least in the ghettos where they stay.


The likes of Jah Nozzi, who is famed for his sub-genre of Zim dancehall called ma helmet are already household names in ghettos like Mbare but he is yet to be tested on the big stage. And as he gets his 15 or so minutes on Saturday – he will be leading a team youths with similar talent.




Showbiz spoke to DJ Fantan, who said all was set for the youngsters’ grand entry.


“We are excited because it has been a while since we hosted a gig of our own since the pandemic (Covid-19) hit our industry some two years ago,” said DJ Fantan.


“As you might be aware, it has been a while since we brought out new voices, new names, new faces. This is it, this is the time and people are going to see them – some for the first time at the Harare Gardens gig.


“Cantol Man, Nice Killer, Monyarous, Ginna Marrina, Magic, Phinx Attah, Likkle Art, Tanya, Masendeke and Supper Fire are among some of the fresh names we are going to unleash this Saturday. These are the next superstars.”


Chipaz Promotions’ Partson Chimbodza said the show was also a good platform for the new entrants to learn from their more mature and experienced elders in the genre.


“This is why we have a mixture not just of genres but age groups or generations of the Zim dancehall Genre. These boys and girls have an opportunity to learn from some of the best performers like Dadza D, Killer T, Seh Calaz, Enzo Ishall, Nutty O, Ras Caleb, Silent Killer, Jah Signal, Blot, Boss Pumacol and Bazooka among others,” said Chipaz.

The experienced promoter added that it was also the duty of “elders like Templeman, Etherton Beenie, Gary B and DJ Mbale to teach the youngsters a thing or two”.

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