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Zimbabwe’s United Methodist Church Bishop Attacks G_ays and L_3sbians


UNITED Methodist Church authorities have released a statement to their members on their position on the L__esbian G_ay Bis_xual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ).
The statement, by Bishop Eben Kunakayi Nhiwatiwa, follows reports that the matter is on the agenda at the United Methodist Church Special General Conference of seven days expected to begin end of August this year

Bishop Nhiwatiwa strongly warned people against accepting marriages of same s_x and the twisting of biblical scriptures.

In his statement, Bishop Nhiwatiwa quoted Bible verses and the supreme law of the country, urging church members to remain prayerful, peaceful and not to be victimised by anyone to force them to support LGBTQ.

“The future of the church is in the hands of our able master and Saviour Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith,” reads part of the letter.

“Marriage is defined in Genesis 2:24 as a union between one man and one woman.

“Any s__xual activity outside this context is sinful, and is an abomination.

“Such action upsets God’s divine order for human s__xuality,” he said.

Another letter, circulating among church leaders expected to attend the General Conference scheduled for August 29 to September 6 2022, informs them that the rejected One Church Plan of 2019, has resurfaced with a different name ‘The Christmas Covenant’.

“L__esbian G_y Bis_-xual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) group kept growing and pushing for the Book of Discipline to be amended to allow for g_ay marriages and ordination of ga_y and lesbian pastors.

“Things got to a head at the 2016 General Conference.

“The 2016 GC, through the Council of Bishops, then agreed to have a Special General Conference in 2019 to put a finality to this conflict.

“The two main petitions at the 2019 GC were: The One Church Plan (this intended to allow G_ay & L_esbian marriages and ordination of G_ay & L_esbian Pastors through a decentralisation process with the church remaining as one THE ONE CHURCH PLAN).

“Those who have followed these events carefully will have noticed that the One Church Plan, rejected in 2019, has resurfaced with a different name – The Christmas Covenant.

“The same people, who campaigned for the One Church Plan, are back campaigning for the Christmas Covenant.

“And The Traditional Plan – This advocated to keep the church in the current set-up and upholding the current BOD, which does not allow G_ay & Le_sbian Marriages and ordination of G_ay & L_esbian Pastors.

“Allow us to point out that because the General Conference is yet to sit, there is no position taken by the General Church at the moment, therefore, no one should be victimised,” reads part of the letter.

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