Home Politics “This Time We Will Do Things Differently” – Says Chamisa

“This Time We Will Do Things Differently” – Says Chamisa

Nelson Chamisa to rename party

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has said the party will do things differently in an apparent response to calls for the party to form grassroots structures and craft a constitution.

Among those calling for the CCC to establish membership structures and a constitution, for governance purposes, is self-exiled former Information Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo. He argues:

CCC has a leadership structure with a President, Spokesperson, Treasurer General, etc; but it has no membership structures & has no constitution. Since #CCC seeks power to govern Zim, the public is entitled to know where #CCC leadership has come from & how it’s held accountable?

The issue arises because #CCC says it is not a rebranded political party, but is a brand new political formation. The time has come for Zim to consider registering political parties. Parties with no constitution, no structures & no founding processes should not contest elections!

It is not and it cannot be in the public interest to have a secret society masquerading as a political party, to contest elections for public office. That is just wrong and it has no precedence anywhere in the world. In fact, it is very scary from a societal point of view!

CCC supporters have said there was no need for the party to have “visible” structures. Chamisa seems to be supportive of the latter view. He said:

THIS TIME We will do things differently. Citizens at the centre!

They are spending millions of taxpayers’ money to infiltrate the Citizens movement by recruiting and training operatives meant to destabilize. We are ahead of them!

Some say structures are there but are invisible.

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