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Check out how this guy exposed his ex-girlfriend

Bitterness after a breakup is typical, and it often occurs as a result of sadness and pent-up frustration against your former, even if you saw it coming. This is a perfectly natural feeling, but if it lasts for months, it may obstruct your post-breakup recovery.

People believe they have been wronged. Many ex-partners grow enraged as a result of this. This bitterness generally stems from the other party’s betrayal after a disastrous breakup.

Bitterness implies that you are allowing your ex to continue to hurt you. And you are entitled to better than that. It’s awful to be resentful because you were treated badly during your relationship. It’s not right or fair that your ex didn’t show you the love and respect you deserve.

One lady who has been accused of being bitter is this one, the story started allegedly when the guy cheated and the lady was so mad she posted how he didn’t do anything for him , which she later posted his matric certificate, the guy then exposed her of some WhatsApp messages between the two clearly showing that he cared and did things for her, this caused a stir on social media.


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