Mai Titi’s Ex-Lover Zizoe Pamyk Raises Eyebrows After He Gives Anna Honde US$1000 On Her Birthday

UK-based musician Zizoe Pamyk who rose to fame as Mai Titi’s ‘Ben 10’ has got social media talking after he  gifted comedienne Anna Honde with some money.

Zizoe Pamyk yesterday decided to bless Anna with US$1 000.

Taking to Facebook, he shared a screenshot from World Remit. Captioning the post, he wrote;

Ndibatsirei kumu korokotedza nerimwe gore raawedzerwa na Musiki , ndichiti pfuma yaita shoma mdikani zvaida mamirioni upemberere bhavhadae nemufaro.
Heyo www.worldremit.com neShoma iyoyo Mai va London ita zvese zvaunoda mukupemberera Zuva rako.



This comes at a time when they have been going back and forth flirting with each other on social media, prompting many people to believe that they are in a relationship.

They have even given each other nicknames, they call each other Baba London and Mai London.

Even though on numerous accounts they have refuted claims that they are in a relationship the US$1k cash gift from Zizoe to Anna has got people believing that there is something going on between the two.

Meanwhile, Zizoe Pamyk was once in a high-publicized relationship with Mai Titi. The relationship was criticized by many with some even insulting Mai Titi for dating a “Ben 10”.

However, their fairytale relationship came to an abrupt end amid rumors of infidelity in the relationship.

A feisty Mai Titi claimed that another lady had staked her claim on Zizoe insinuating that they were in relationship before Mai Titi came along.

The lady is said to have claimed Zizoe as her man and Mai Titi as the homewrecker.

The former lovebirds even began to expose each other in public. Mai Titi claimed Zizoe was not man enough to handle her in bed and that he could not go beyond one minute.

-Iharare News

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