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Sad as Actor Kenneth Nkosi fails to pay for a car

Mzansi funny man Kenneth Nkosi has blamed his financial woes on lockdown. The comedian and actor, also known as Kenny Makhenzo, has been taken to court by FirstRand Bank.

Kenny, who has appeared in films such as Tsotsi, White Wedding, Mad Buddies and plays Franco in the new film Kedibone, is being sued for failing to pay installments for his Mercedes-Benz E250.

According to court documents, Kenny was supposed to make monthly payments of R11 797 for a period of 71 months after he bought the car in 2015 for R1 041 608.

Kenny confirmed to the publication that there was a legal dispute with his bank.

“I have instructed my lawyers to handle the matter and I will make no further comment on the pending matter in court,” he said.

“It is very unfortunate that the banks have no understanding of the plight of the actors and artists who have been the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In a draft order from the high court in Joburg, Kenny has been ordered to return the fancy ride.

The documents state that Kenny applied to be placed under debt review but then breached the debt repayment agreement.

A letter sent by FirstRand lawyers to Kenny reads: “We confirm that on 19 October 2021, you entered into a new payment arrangement in terms whereof you agreed to pay cascading amounts starting from R10 367,67 per month as from 31 of December 2021 in order to bring the arrears up to date and settle the account.”

It is noted in the document that since Kenny was absent, summons was served on his sister in June 2022, which he did not enter an appeal to defend.

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