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The Queen actor SK Khoza Joins Onlyfans, Speaks On His Viral Tape

The Queen actor SK Khoza has chosen to embrace the sxual acts he did on the viral sx tape, regardless of the negativity from Twitter users who continue to drag his name.

Khoza topped the Twitter trends list at midnight following the explicit video of him doing adulatory content that went viral. In the sx tape, Khoza is seen busy licking a woman’s genitals who is unknown to the public.

Choosing to embrace his actions, Khoza has confirmed that he has joined OnlyFans so that people can watch his content and stop stealing it. OnlyFans is a platform where content creators share their content and subscribers can watch it and get paid.

Khoza advised his fans to subscribe to his OnlyFans account. “Just subscribe once #noneedtostealmyeish,” he wrote on Instagram.

SK has also broken his silence on the sx tape saying “Why can’t I be left alone in peace.”

Others agreed with the Twitter user.

“SK Khoza might even make more money on Onlyfans than he ever made as an actor. He already has a fan base and knowing how much we love porn as a country most of his fans will subscribe.”

“For SK Khoza to get good lighting for his onlyfans, any production company willing to work with him on this one.”

“Some will be here acting all holy and rush to onlyfans to download the app and subscribe to his account. Porn is a multibillion industry by the way. The subscriptions will pay his bills.”

“I won’t judge SK Khoza , maintaining this celebrity lifestyle is very hard, y’all see us driving big Picantos and you think we have loads of money kanti you don’t know what we do in private to maintain this lifestyle.”

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