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Jurgen Klopp invites Zimbabwean teens to train with a senior team in Liverpool

Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp invited Zimbabwe’s teen Isaac Mabaya to train with a senior team when the Reds start their pre-season camp.

17-year-old Mabaya was one of the nine Liverpool Academy players who attended the first day of training at the AXA Training Center.

Born to Zimbabwean parents in Preston, England, Rightback signed his first professional contract with the Reds in September 2021.

He made his debut on the Liverpool Senior Team Matchday team in January and played in the FA Cup’s third round against Shrewsbury.

Following his performance in the junior rank, the 17-year-old received a call to England’s under 18 national team in March.

Defenders are entitled to switch loyalty to Zimbabwe in the future.

When asked about the possibility of choosing a national player Warriors team manager Wellington Mupandare Soccer24 In March, it will be time to celebrate the call for young people to play in Zimbabwe.

“When it comes to passport issues, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of dual citizenship players. When it’s time for him to come to state affairs, he’ll come, so we’re not worried,” said the manager. I did.

“I’m sure he (Mabaya) will play in Zimbabwe. Yes, at the U17 and U21 levels they can play in England, but when it comes to advanced state affairs, Zimbabwe is their preferred choice.

“For now, the challenge is that the junior team doesn’t have the financial resources to call them, so at this point they can play for the junior team in England.”

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