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SCREENSHOTS: El Gringo Fights With His Sister Over Money

Socialite El Gringo is currently trending online after his sister took to social media and demanded her money from him.

In a series of rants on Instagram, El Gringo’s sister, who uses the name msjada_mambokadzi, accused her brother of living a fake life and pretending to pinpoint some mistakes in other people’s lives whe he can’t correct his life.

She wrote:

Ndipe mari yangu El Gringo

In another post, she wrote:

You call my children out of their names nothing becomes sacred to me no more You cease to be family the moment you do that And we treat each other the way we perceive each other You become my number one enemy the moment you come at my children And that’s on PERIOD.

El Gringo made headlines after he roasted Prophet Passion Java and Robert Jnr following their humiliation at Africa University.

In a video that surfaced on social media at that time, Passion Java and Robert Jnr were seen cornered by an angry mob which demanded the duo to vacate their premises.

Elgringo applauded AU students for downplaying Passion Java’s antics saying that he is not an intellect with meaningful information to share with youths towards economic growth.

He [Elgringo] also branded Passion Java a ‘Slay Queen’ who is more concerned with flexing on social media.

Judging from the video, it seems as if the youth are now fed up with the controversial man of cloth’s attention-seeking antics and nowadays they are blatantly rubbishing his antics right in the face.

The staunch Zanu Pf supporter Passion Java used to be a crowd-puller in every town he visited. Whenever he touched down with his expensive fleet of cars, scores of people would go berserk showing him love, yelling his name in praise.

In another incident in Chiredzi, Java was left with a cake in the face after bystanders ignored him as he tried his signature move. – iHarare

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