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2 In Court For Murdering 7 People: They Also Made Sh0cking Revelations

Kamohelo Motankisi, who is 34 years old and Lerato Selepe, who is 22 years old appeared in court for the murder of seven people. The circumstances which led to this horrific attack on Farm workers in something that is a serious cause for concern, for the general public as well as the police who are investigating the matter.

They are also accused of raping some of the victims, they intended to apply for bail because apparently they don’t want to be in jail despite the actions that have taken in executing farmworkers for no apparent reason.

The incident happened on a farm in Kestell in the Free State and the suspect have allegedly confessed to the crimes and and they also made some shocking revelations to the police that they are going to investigate thoroughly, initially many people thought that perhaps the farm on has something to do with this.

The lawyer of the suspects revealed that they wanted the case to be resolved as speedily as possible and intended to plead guilty, however it is clear that they do not intend to be staying in jail for a very long time despite the considerable crime.

They face 12 charges; murder, robbery, housebreaking, theft, rape and the unlawful possession of a firearm it was also established that the suspect had used a pump-action shotgun to murder the victims and they did not let anyone survive.

When the rape charge was read out the 34 year old wept in court, are we to assume that the suspects are remorseful and they should be let down easy because they did kill seven people.

Apparently they have previous convictions that the judge did not want to be made public, they are represented by Legal Aid.

They were apprehended quickly after Sesi Smit, her son Rhudi Binta, who was 17 years old, and her 5 employees – Nokuva Monareng, Nomasonto Zulu, Nomasotsha Maduna, Kgodu Moloi and Lerato Moloi were all murdered on that farm.

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