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“How I fought leopard and won” – It’s paws almost tore his nose apart (SEE PIC)

HE WAS fetching kids from school when he heard a roar behind him.

When he turned around, a leopard suddenly pounced on him and hit him on his head with its paws and almost tore his nose apart.


“It jumped and I started punching it with my fists until it fell.

“I kept on struggling while calling for help. I asked another guy to throw a stone at its head,” he said.

The 23-year-old from Matsulu, Mpumalanga, was one of four people attacked by a leopard in the area on Thursday, 21 July.

Ndumiso said the residents finished off the animal and he was taken to hospital.

He suffered serious injuries and remained in hospital over the weekend.

“It could have been worse if it attacked the kids,” he said.

Ndumiso said he wished the authorities dealt with the issue of wild animals from the Kruger National Park, which are terrorising the community.

“We’ve asked them to make sure the damaged fence was fixed, but nothing was done,” he said.

Ndumiso said this was an animal attack that had nothing to do with evil spirits.

“It was just an attack from a frustrated animal.”

The leopard had reportedly been in the area for three months and attacked livestock. Elephants and other animals have also caused problems in the past.

Resident Vusi Nkosi (38) told Daily Sun community members feared for their lives.

“These animals have been coming into our community and posing a threat to us. Our kids can no longer play freely, and no one walks freely here. It’s painful,” he said.

Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency compliance manager, April Lukhele, said officials were not aware the leopard had been in the area for some time. He urged community members to report sightings of wild animals. “There’s a community forum that deals with such matters.

“People must report if they see wild animals in their communities,” he said.

He said the carcass of the leopard was sent to vets to find out why it behaved so aggressively.

Traditional healer Madoda Ntuli said he believes the animal was frustrated and had no option but to strike at everyone it came across. – Daily Sun

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