5th Set Of Twins!! Woman ‘Nalongo Gloria’ Dumped By Husband For Being Too Fertile

Nalongo Gloria, from Uganda, was abandoned by her husband Ssalongo after giving birth to their ninth and tenth children. “On the third day of my pregnancy, the man said this is too much for him and told me to go home.”

“I didn’t have their phone numbers anymore because I came to Kampala to work as a house girl,” a dejected Gloria told NTV Mwasuze Mutya during an interview.

It was the beginning of a rough road for Gloria, who barely had anywhere else to seek help. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Gloria’s lover, Ssalongo, gave him terms and conditions. “The man told me that if I can’t produce one child, he can’t take care of me with the dogs,” Gloria disclosed.

One day, when Gloria was looking for something to do, she found out her man had packed his things and left. She never knew his whereabouts as she was left stranded with the responsibilities of taking care of all the children single-handedly. Along the way, Gloria lost some of her children, as stated in the conversation. “I could have 10 kids, but one pair flew away and one kid died. I have seven. A man buried a child in Zirobwe. He didn’t take him to Masaka,” she added.

She said, “I don’t regret giving birth to all these children. I know their father doesn’t like them, and I can’t drop them at his place. Despite the challenges, I will never abandon my kids. I know God will provide. I handed my things to the Lord. I have suffered but God knows best.” – Online

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