A Man Prepares His Grave After He Noticed He Did This. See In Picture

A man has sparked outrage on social media after it was revealed that he is planning his own graveyard. The man has asked far too many questions of the people with whom he is staying. According to the source, a man who used to be poor was told that he had violated the conditions that were attached to his wealth and that he should begin preparing for his own Graveyard.

There is a picture of him that is currently circulating on social media, leaving many people with many questions. Grigory Siame, a 29-year-old man, went to see Sangoma 8 years ago because he desired to be wealthy.

Now that he is told by the sangoma that he soon die because he has violated his conditons which was attached to his wealth.

Now that he has been told by the sangoma that he will die soon because he has broken the conditions that were attached to his wealth.

According to a source, the young businessman owns 89 barber shops as well as approximately 240 mobile booths in the villages of Nakonde and Tunduma. According to a source, he is earning more than K28,000 per day.

More comments have been left in the comment box of Facebook user “Fact Zambia2.” People on Facebook have been praying for him to not die before his time. People believe that it is preferable to die young and wealthy than to live a long and unhappy life. He is 29 years old and by looking at a picture people think he doesn’t seem to be rich, or the photo is only for illustration purposes.

Some people think that he might be crazy and going through some tough time. Some have reacted saying he should even buy his coffin in advance and also leave all the logistics for his funeral to save the time and money when his gone. While others have been encouraging him to make the grave as beautiful as possible, as it’s the last thing he can spend money on.

What do you think of this man digging up his own Grave. What is your opinions and views.

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