After US$500 million Zim Cyber City Announcement, Dubai investor eyes Parirenyatwa hospital

A lot of extra investment into the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals may be possible after United Arab Emirates (UAE) billionaire Mr Shaji Ul Mulk toured the major public-sector hospital yesterday and raised the idea of private investment into laboratory facilities, radiology amenities, and the pharmacy services.

The UAE tycoon has already committed to invest US$500 million in the Zim Cyber City he is building in Mt Hampden, where there was a ground breaking ceremony led by President Mnangagwa this week.

Investment in these key areas of health service delivery are in line with Government’s vision of attaining best international practices in the sector, as well as leaving no one behind.

The Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals is a Government facility whose pricing structure is favourable even to the low income earners and the vulnerable can access care at the institution at no cost, their fees being supported by the social welfare department.

The investment proposal by Mr Mulk comes at a time when Government is on a drive to lure investment and also trying to revamp the medical consumables industry.

This latest interest in Zimbabwe is further confirmation that giant global investors are taking notice of the lure of Zimbabwe as an investment destination.

“We run a chain of diagnostic centres and labs in Dubai,” said Mr Mulk. “We had a good discussion with the President and the Vice President to bring that expertise here. So we are looking forward to doing that.

“The diagnostic centres and the labs are not just for one hospital. We are looking at all the hospitals across the country. I can see that Zimbabwe has a very strong medical expertise. As much as possible we will be working with them. We are waiting for the report now. Once we have received the report we will decide,” said Mr Mulk.

Mr Mulk is on record saying Zimbabwe is on the cusp of industrialisation and development which could see the influx of international capital and he is here to be ahead of competition.

The billionaire chairs a diverse club of wealthy business persons with members from the United States of America, Europe, India among other countries and was here to scout for opportunities.

Mr Mulk and his colleagues were attracted by the compelling investment case presented by President Mnangagwa when he visited the United Arab Emirates last month for the Expo Dubai 2020.

Chief Director Curative Services in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Dr Maxwell Hove, reiterated President Mnangagwa’s call that Zimbabwe is open for business and those in the health sector were also willing to collaborate with the world.

A report is being prepared highlighting the gaps open for investment, and the global partners will see areas they are interested in.

“They are coming here to see the kind of areas where they might be interested in investing, and for this team they are very much interested in diagnostics, that is the department of radiology which is imaging and also in laboratories, especially areas of biochemistry. They are also looking at areas to do with telemedicine and that kind of area,” said Dr Hove.

“So, we are open to engage with a lot of their expertise and also see if they are prepared to assist in the areas of infrastructure refurbishment of some of our institutions.

Zimbabwe could soon be a hub of medicinal drugs manufacturing for national and regional consumption following this week’s consummation of a joint venture agreement between global medical consumables manufacturing giant Intrapharma, also of the UAE, and Government.

The UAE based medical consumables manufacturer comes at a time Government is on a drive to lure investment and also trying to revamp the medical consumable industry, and Intrapharma will start by injecting an initial US$100 million into the project. – Herald

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