Cops steal US$80 k from a suspect

Four Central Investigating Detectives were dragged before the Harare Magistrates courts answering to allegations of criminal abuse of duty after they took US$80 000 stolen cash and shared it among themselves.

Edward Mateta (49), Tinashe Matongo (32), Princes Mavis Matikiti (35) and Costa Davison (32) appeared before Harare magistrate Stenford Mambanje.

Their bail ruling is pending.

Allegations are that on July 8 this year, received information that Viola Mutumbu had stolen a safe containing US$70 000 and jewellery worth US$10 000 from her employer.

It is alleged that the detectives arrested Mutumbu and recovered the safe from Chriswell Fainoza who was keeping it on behalf of Mutumbu.

Mutmbu was sold out by her husband Prince Fainoza.

Chriswell and Prince are brothers.

According to court papers, the detectives unlawfully released Mutumbu before they broke the safe and stole cash US$70 000 and the jewellery.

They allegedly shared the money amongst themselves and gave Chriswell US$4000 as his share.

The matter came to light after one Prince Fainoza reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of the crew.

Mutumbu also appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda answering to charges of unlawful entry after she allegedly broke into her employers bedroom where she stole US$70 000 and jewellery worth US$10 000.

Mutumbu was employed by Shechkar Ashokrap Sankpal as a house maid and it is alleged that she was left alone at home while her boss went out.

While her boss was away, Mutumbu allegedly broke into a bedroom where she stole a safe containing US$70 000 and jewellery worth US$10 000.

Her boss returned the following day together with Prince and when they got home, they realised that the safe and the jewellery were missing.

The boss filed a police report and in order to conceal the loot, Mutumbu allegedly called her husband’s brother Chriswell to come collect the safe and hide it.

The matter came to light after the above-mentioned detectives interviewed Mutumbu who told them that Chriswell was the one who had the safe. – NewZimbabwe

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